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Jose's Kung Fu Academy  JSKFA  & American Mantis Kung Fu AMKF Self Defense - Copyright © Trademark All rights reserved. Florida, U.S.A.
Jose's Kung Fu Academy  JSKFA  & American Mantis Kung Fu AMKF Self Defense - Copyright © Trademark All rights reserved. Florida, U.S.A.
About American Mantis Kung Fu & Self Defense

* Kanji 美國螳螂功夫 (American Mantis Kung Fu) translated in Traditional Chinese. It’s a hybrid martial arts influenced by other
traditional martial arts styles such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Jiu-Jitsu) Founded by SiFu José Luis Peñaloza in
Caracas, Venezuela (South America) on July 15th, 1991. The Kanji is placed underneath of the Pyramid and inside the blue background.

* Pak Hok Pai (White Crane) Represents spirituality, peace, prosperity, purity, protection, nobility, and energy.

* Tang Lang (Praying Mantis in counter/attack position and it’s into the pyramid. The Praying Mantis is placed in the upper
left closer to the White Crane)
Represents a state and ability to perceive, feel, and keep conscious to any situation and
surroundings. Also, symbolizes patience, creativity, calm, balance, speed, efficiency, effective, and perfection.

* Taegeuk (Blue and Red symbol located inside the pyramid) represents the influence of the Korean Martial Arts style (Taekwondo),
and it’s the emblem of the Korean Flag. Also, the Taegeuk was used centuries ago by the Korean Warriors during the battles to keep away the
“bad spirits and negative energy and influences”. Taegeuk means hope, harmony in a whole concept where the energies feed each other.

* The Pyramid
Represents the pure concept of harmony sense and the unification of our environment. The blocks that have built
thepyramid symbolize a learning process through the different stages in life including the victories and defeats. Also, the pyramid
meansbalance between mind, body, and spirit. The gray color in the pyramid represents the neutralization and control of the energies that
must be controlled by the martial artist, and the interaction with the environment. Also, the pyramid means cool down, calm over any
complicated situation just letting the flow of knowledge and skills to take an adequate decision under harsh events.

* Yellow Color (Logo Background)
Represents determination, purity, light, creativity, and intellectual energy. Also, its means happiness,
love, and protection. The yellow color is closed into the White Crane wing to give more positive energy and power to the
martial artist.

* Blue Color (Logo Background)
Represents heaven, purity, inspiration to God, sincerity, and spirituality. Its symbolizes a conservative
personality of the martial artist who is always looking for the truth of the martial arts, the path focused through the martial arts code,
principles, and ethics. The blue color is around the White Crane to create a protection and secure environment.

* Red Color (Logo Background) Represents prosperity and happiness. It’s the representation of the true passion, love, and
respect to
the martial arts. Also, represents the enthusiasm, energy without limits, and the interest for everything that
surrounds the martial artist.
It’s a pure internal energy, security, confident, self-esteem, and protection. The red color
enclosed and protects the whole elements into theemblem. Also, the name of the system is placed there. AMERICAN MANTIS
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